digitization in agriculture

FarmF1rst is a Collaborative Market Place which brings together different players of the Agri Industry into One Single Platform.

agritech + blockchain

FarmF1rst – is a High Tech Platform to Empower the Agricultural Industry, with new age Technologies like AI, ML, DL, NLP, Big Data Analytics, IoT and other Techniques.

End-value for the farmer = Food

Digital platform to address value addition between Farmer and Food service.

No middlemen

The value

AGriculture - farmers

  • Agricultural Raw Materials 
  • Primary Transformation – Ingredients
  • Secondary Transformation – Solutions 
  • Knowledge on Processing

farmer - Value Adds

  • Agricultural Produce
  • Value Added Food and Beverage Products
  • Price fixed by Farmer
  • Farmer to End-use linkage
  • Allied benefits for financial institutions 

the reach - end users

  • Food Processing Units
  • Manufacturers & Retails
  • Wholesale/Bulk Buyers
  • NGO’s
  • Govt Authorities
  • F&B Industry Institutions
  • Caterers & Apartments 

AgriTech + Blockchain

The Solution

block chain Combined with IoT

The tech @ our garage

Power of Analytics and block chain

  • Digitization of the Data of all the Stake Holders
  • Use of IoT & other Techniques to Prevent Tampering & bring in Transparency 
  • Micro Level Trace-ability 
  • Yield Expectation - Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly
  • Accurate Price Prediction/Control over Cost of Procurement
  • Live Inventory 

IOT Sensors & other aided tech

  • IoT Sensors - Soil Moisture, Humidity, Temperature, Chemical Sensors etc., helps in cutting down and Fresh Water usage and Green Gas Emissions.
  • Smart FencingBody Temperature Based, Laser Tech Based, NFC based Sensors
  • Anti Tamper Proof - QR Code based Stickers, Vehicle Door Open/Closed Sensor, Temperature Change Sensor
  • Low Cost Long range Monitoring (Highly Scalable)

Solution Impact


  • Yield Expectation - Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly
  • Price Prediction/Control over Cost of Procurement
  • Live Inventory
  • API integrations for ERP Solutions

Logistics & Storage

  • On-Demand Transport based on the Inventory available.
  • Value Additions : Grading/Packaging/Storage
  • Deeper Insights though Predictive Analysis (What-if) Scenarios.


  • Mapping out Availability of produce on a Daily basis. 
  • Aggregation of Produce to maintain Business Continuity.
  • Make Smart Contracts and utilize the un-used space(at the source) to store the Inventory. Win-Win situation for both farmer & buyer.

Platform Eco System

End to End traceability with Block Chain Market Place.


+ Insurance Companies
+ Micro-Finance Companies
+ Govt Schemes
+ NGO/CSR Initiatives

supply chain

+ Demand (End Customers)
+ Supply (Farmer)
+ No Storage
+ Live Inventory & Forecast
+ On-demand Transport Providers

Value Additions

+ Cottage Scale Operations
 - Grading, Packing, Sizing….
 - Jams, Pickles, Squashes ….
+ High Value-added Products
 - Cold pressed Oil Extraction
 - Fresh Pressed Juices (in Kegs)
 - Sun Dried Veggies… 


+ Seed
+ Pesticides & Bio-cides
+ Fertilizers
+ Equipment


Combined Experience of Over 100 Years!!!

Badrinath Raghavendran

C P Ramakrishnan

Kaushik Shankar

Ashwin Ramaswamy